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City Travel in York

City Travel in York York is a city that is brimming with interesting things to see, so to make the most of your trip to York, walking is probably the best way to get around.

Walking is often the preferred option for tourists and locals as it is the best way to get to grips with the city’s historic layout. You can choose to go it alone and explore the city’s nooks and back streets, or you can opt for one of the many walking tours on offer. You can also walk along the Roman city walls, however for those who are used to exploring historic cities it is worth remembering that not all streets that end in “gate” are part of the York walls, you should look for names that end in ‘bar’ for example Micklegate Bar or Lendal Bar as these are where the city gates (and walls) can be found.

If a whole day of walking doesn’t really appeal then you can use the local public transport to get around. The local buses are run by First York and are run along different coloured routes. There is no central bus station in York but most bus routes pass York Station and nearby Rougier Street [map], both of which are not too far from the main historic part of York, so if you are unsure head for the bus stops near York Station. However bus timetables and maps can be found on the First York website.

York is also the perfect city for cyclists. You could take a slow ride along the river or follow the designated cycle paths around the city centre. With more congestion cycling is the perfect alternative to sitting in a stuffy car on a sunny day.

There’s a range of cycle parking in the city centre to encourage you to get on two wheels and if you fancy hiring a bike to explore the city centre and surrounding countryside a number of shops hire cycles. Bob Trotter [map], Lord Mayor’s Walk, close to York St John College and York Cycleworks [map], Lawrence Street, both offer quality daily hire cycles for reasonable prices and you can be sure that you won’t end up lumbered with the bike with buckled wheels and a squeaky breaks.

For more information about how York continues to help cyclists contact:
City of York Cycling Officer - (01904) 613161
York Cycle Campaign - (01904) 626664

And if you’d rather use four wheels instead of two you could try using one of the city’s car parks, but these are often quite expensive and very full. A preferable option may be to use one of the five Park and Ride options, which allow you to park near York for free and take the bus into the city centre. For more information on York’s Park and Ride scheme go the York City Council website.


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