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Visitor's Guide to Belfast

Visitor's Guide to Belfast Many people still associate Belfast with its troubled history and you can still see evidence of this around certain areas in the political murals and corrugated iron walls that once divided communities, but for the most part, Belfast is a city with aspirations to move on and this has made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years.

More British than Dublin and more down to earth than Cork, if you’re planning a trip across the sea why not follow thousands of others and make Belfast your first port of call.

From the mystic splendour of the Giants Causeway [map] and County Antrim’s own castles at Carrickfergus [map] and Castle Ward [map], to the vibrant nightlife of the Golden Mile, this is a city of real contrasts.

There’s always a festival taking place somewhere around Belfast and for those who love to walk there’s some beautiful scenery to boot.

Party animals will find plenty of clubs and pubs here, and live music events take place across the city including opera, orchestra concerts and folk gigs.

A visit here wouldn’t be complete without seeing what’s on offer at Belfast Zoo [map] or letting the kids run wild at the W5 Interactive Science Centre [map].

Find out more about the history of Belfast by popping into the Ulster Museum [map] or head to the Dundonald Ice Bowl [map] to watch some premier skating (or brave the ice yourself).

You could also check out the Imax Cinema [map], learn Flamenco or tuck into an “Ulster Fry” breakfast on a rainy morning.

We can’t always promise that the weather will be brilliant in Belfast but there’s so much to see and do that you’re sure to leave the city with a sunnier outlook.

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